ESSKA Congress 2020 Postponed until May 2021

 ESSKA postpones Congress till 2021, 11-14 May due to Impact of
COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear EASTS President Mardna,
Following on from Wednesday’s official communication about the postponement of the ESSKA Milan Congress to 11 May (Tuesday) -
14 May (Friday) 2021, we just wanted to reach out to you, our Affiliated society, to ensure that you are also well informed.

We have seen the impact and disruption that this crisis has caused, and will continue to cause, in the coming months. And of course we recognise that this ongoing situation is a challenge for everyone. This was fundamental in our decision to postpone the Milan Congress to May 2021, to a time when we are sure that this most unprecedented period is behind us.

In due course, our Scientific team will be in contact with you/your speakers regarding the Scientific Programme, and our Congress Organiser will reach out to you regarding the invitations to the various social events. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

When you think appropriate, we ask that you share the news of the Milan Congress postponement with your members via email, your website, Facebook, etc. We already have a variety of banners uploaded to the Congress website which we invite you to draw from as necessary. Should you need anything else, please contact Graham Woolwine and she will be able to assist.

We truly look forward to seeing you in Milan in 2021 when we celebrate together a new start with happiness and a positive approach.

Sincerely and with best wishes,

David Dejour, ESSKA President

Matteo Denti, Congress President